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Pakistan Blockchain Institute 

Pakistan Blockchain Institute (PBI) is a leading education, research & consultation provider in Blockchain technology in the region. We partner with organizations and individuals to address their unique needs with training and education options that help professionals reach their goals. We are not just an Educational Institute, but also a Research & Consultation Center that provides all the Hungry Minds, Students and Young Researchers with different Technical Papers and Articles on Blockchain Technology and its applications in different sectors: banking, insurance, transport, retail, energy, real estate, music industry.

Our Services

Our Services

PBI is providing the best education on Blockchain & other Technologies; our courses are designed up to the mark by international standards as part AnZ Technologies we are a partner of Blockchain Trainings Alliance in Pakistan 


Where is industry headed? Monitor industry and market trends to keep the company ahead of the curve, we offer research services to organisations via case studies & white papers 


We offer wide variety of Technology Management consultation services including Management, Digital Transformation, Technology Enablement, Outsourcing, & HR Capacity Building.

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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Steve Jobs
Founder of Apple

1955 - 2011

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Ready to find out more?

Ready to find out more?

We are offering the following certifications for more details contact us also visit the flowing link:

Certifications We Offer

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