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In Pakistan Blockchain Institute (PBI) we make leaders not followers

We will take you through the journey from Zero to Hero & Great to the Greatest, through the followings:
  1. Idea

  2. Analysis & Research

  3. Critical & Design Thinking

  4. Business Planning

  5. Economical Impact

  6. Documentation Management

  7. Solutions Architecture & Designing 

  8. Product Management

  9. Sales Management

  10. Project Management

  11. Total Quality Management

  12. Development

  13. Operations

  14. Managed Services

  15. Financials

We are offering the following most demanding Technologies right now:


  1. Blockchain

  2. Smart Cities

  3. Industrial Revolution 4.0

  4. Digital Tranformation

  5. Internet of Everything


Note: These trainings include the frontend and backend development of these technologies

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